Agitated Nutsche Filter

This filter is used for solid and liquid separation which is aided with the application of vacuum and cake squeezing by mechanical means.

Agitated Nutsche Filter consists of a cylindrical vessel with a welded dished end on the top and a flat bottom or dishend.

The process is totally enclosed, hygienic and safe which make it ideal for processing toxic and hazardous material human contact.

This equipment can be operated under pressure or in vacuum or in combination of both.

Cake discharge is done with the help of stirrer. Provision for spraying wash liquor is in build in the equipment.


It can be used as a drier to further reduce the moisture content.

Solvent recovery is possible since process is totally enclosed and closed loop regulation of the speed.

A hydraulically operated plug type discharge valve of Special design can be provided operated through the common power pack unit.

In the detachable bottom configuration the ANF body is in two sections i.e. the main Top section and the detachable bottom section. The bottom section is provided with legs fitted with castor wheels. Once lowered the bottom section can be wheeled out and one can clean and/ or replace the filter media at ease.

A spray Ball arrangement will be provided for uniform distribution of wash liquid for effective cake washing. The same arrangement could also be used during CIP to cover the Shadow areas of the CIP Spray Balls.

Filter Media can be metallic screens, sintered screens or filter cloths

Shaft Seal can be Mechanical seal with bellows or gland box assembly